Citizens of Pigtown (COP), is a Neighborhood Community Organization  and Non-Profit serving the residents of Pigtown/Washington Village.

The Neighborhood

 "Pigtown", also known as "Washington Village", is a neighborhood in the Sowebo area of Baltimore, bordered by Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to the east, Monroe Street to the west, Russell Street to the south, and West Pratt Street to the north. The neighborhood acquired its name during the second half of the 19th century, when the area was the site of butcher shops and meat packing plants to process pigs transported from the Midwest on the B&O Railroad; they were herded across Ostend and Cross Streets to be slaughtered and processed.


Pigtown's annual festival famously features a pig race, called "The Squeekness", to commemorate its history. Pigtown has long been considered one of Baltimore's most promising neighborhoods due to its proximity to the I-95 corridor, the University of Maryland Medical Center, Camden Yards, Ravens Stadium, the Inner Harbor, and Downtown Baltimore.   There is a variety of housing opportunities with new developments on the eastern edge of the neighborhood (Camden Crossing) and of course the classic Baltimore-style rowhouses, some with the1950s-era formstone facades on brick fronts, some original brickfronts, and many beautifully restored and renovated homes!

Pigtown has a relatively racially and economically diverse population which, besides its longtime residents, includes a sizeable graduate student population. In fact, it may be one of the most diverse populations in Baltimore . Because of its proximity to Interstate 95, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, and its low housing costs, Pigtown also has a great number of commuters to Washington, D.C and Fort George G. Meade.