Citizens of Pigtown (COP), is a Neighborhood Community Organization  and Non-Profit serving the residents of Pigtown/Washington Village.


Trash and Recycling

Trash day falls on Wednesday and recycle day falls on Friday.  You are responsible for all trash in front of your house. You can be fined if trashcans are left in the walkway.  You may want to download the Baltimore City app 311 and contact them if you need BULK trash removed or if anyone dumps excess trash on your property, tree branches fall, or if there are any other city code violations including excess weeds or vandalism.



As long as there is not a stadium event, you can park anywhere!  To prepare for stadium events, you can get a permit to park on the permit only areas through Baltimore Otherwise you can always park in spaces without permit signs.



You may want to invest in an alarm system especially one with the option for cameras.   It is advised to keep lights on in front and back of home to deter criminal activity at night.   Protect yourself by keeping your cars locked and any valuables or packages out of sight.  Do not walk around alone with your cell phone in sight.  If you see any suspicious activity, call 311 or 911.  It is strongly advised to join NEXTDOOR neighborhood list serve (app) for Pigtown and the surrounding neighborhoods as many warnings regarding crime come from the neighbors.  The police will often post on this site.  It is also a place that advertises community meetings and fun events.


For current homeowners or prospective homeowners, there are financial resources to help with Energy Conservation, Lead Hazard Reduction, and Housing Rehabilitation (LIGHT Program as well as home buying assistance LIVE BALTIMORE; and Vacants to Value Program.