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Founded in 1971 and incorporated in 1973 as the Southwest Community Council (SWCC), Citizens of Pigtown (COP) is the neighborhood association representing Pigtown residents and businesses in every effort to build community.  The mission of COP is to provide a platform to share ideas and information, foster relationships, promote activities, and advocate for everyone in our community.

We also work to be the link for youths, seniors, local businesses, developers, as well as new and long time residents.

Information, resources, and community participation is critical for Historic Pigtown to grow and recognize its full potential.  COP's efforts are to combine the coordination between Baltimore City officials and community partners to further advance Pigtown's development.


Brittany Banks

Vice President
Steve Corrozi

Shareen Aarons

Ashley Helsing

John Barber

Nicole Easley

Kelleigh Eastman

Quinn Fowler

Glen James

Umenita Imo

Caroline Lampinen

Casey O'Neill


Much of the work COP does is organized at the committee level. We currently have four active committees. Check our events page to see when we are meeting or email to learn how to participate.

All committee meetings are open to the public.

Committees Anchor

Communications and


This committee is primarily responsible for managing social media, the newsletter, and events. We plan events ranging from neighborhood Happy Hours, to holiday celebrations, Movies in the Park, and Greening/Cleaning/Planting events. All are welcome to join this committee to increase programming and awareness of COP.


This committee is focused on strengthening the COP organization, setting COP policies to create a fair and safe environment for all of Pigtown residents to participate.

Outreach and Partnerships

This committee is focused on outreach to other organizations, churches, businesses, and residents in the neighborhoods. We work to increase meaningful engagement between our community association and others living, working and worshiping in Pigtown.

Transportation & Development

This committee is focused on issues related to transportation, infrastructure, safety, housing, & business development in an effort to help improve and preserve the character of historic Pigtown.  We also review Pigtown's Urban Renewal Plan. An Urban Renewal Plan (URP) is a form of overlay zoning that is more restrictive than the city’s normal zoning code.

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